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Texas Black Angus Brisket

Connecticut's Best Texas Black Angus Brisket for only $17 per person.

We are a mobile catering service and we come right to your Connecticut business or residence. This is an all-you-can-eat per-person price.

Texas Black Angus Brisket, CT CateringBeef brisket is very difficult to get perfect. It needs a long time in the smoker, and needs to be sliced correctly for a quality product.

Dry rubbed with kosher salt, white pepper, garlic, and rosemary.

The beef brisket is then smoked for 12 hours at 200°.

When ready, the beef brisket is carefully carved into a top and bottom. Next, all the fat is trimmed out from the center. The two brisket pieces are now hand sliced across the grain and served with barbeque sauce.

All meats are supplied by Meadow Meat Co. in Middletown, CT and are also available to purchase by the pound (precooked and frozen). Pitmaster Chad Cyr is certified and insured.

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