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“Backyard” Grilling vs. “Real” BBQ

Grilling is the use of direct high heat to sear the outside of the meat. Overcooking happens fast, and only the most expensive cuts of meat grill well.

BBQ is the art of slow cooking using wood smokers. The low temperature of 200° means it’s hard to overcook the meat. Using spices, sauces, smoke, and time together creates a very unique flavor. The art of BBQ helps to make the lesser cuts of meat very desirable.

Pitmaster Chad Cyr is certified and insured.

All meats are supplied by Meadow Meat Co. in Middletown, CT and are also available to purchase by the pound (precooked and frozen).

Please Note: All catered events will have an 18% gratuity added to the invoice for your convenience, as well as Connecticut state sales tax of 6.35%.

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